Premier Court

Premier Court® is an advanced tennis court surface designed by Sport Court® that successfully keeps existing cracks from reappearing and upgrades your tennis court to the most comfortable, cushioned playing surface available. The patented, “Free Floating” system creates a weatherproof barrier that covers cracks and in most cases eliminates the reoccurring costs associated with continued repairs of these existing issues.

The extended Manufacturer’s Warranty guarantees long term playability.

  • Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty eliminates repair costs of existing cracks through normal use of surface.
  • Provides all-weather impact absorbing cushion and provides traditional hard court surface playability.
  • Patented “Free Floating” design covers the entire court area, secured only at the perimeter, creating a Weather Proof Barrier.
  • Improves shock absorption and reduces stress on joints versus traditional hard court tennis surfaces. (Instantly feel the difference!)

The Premier Surface provides a long term solution for most problem courts. Please consult with Sport Court Mid Atlantic to make sure that this solution is right for you.

Provides 225% more shock absorption than a cushioned acrylic court

Premier Court® Cracked Court Renovation (click image to enlarge)

Premier Court® is a patented manufactured composite, when combined with standard acrylic recreational coatings, creates the Premier Court® Surfacing System