Strategic Partner

Sport Court ® is the national industry leader in residential and commercial sports flooring and components. Lake Shore Sport Court is happy to announce our “Strategic Partner” program, exclusively serving the southern Wisconsin and Green Lake areas.

This program is designated for those who work on residential and commercial projects that may have a need for our products:

• Backyard sports courts
• Synthetic putting greens
• Daytona garage flooring
• Gymnasium flooring
• Batting/Golf cages
• Weight/Workout room flooring
• Patio/Decking flooring

So how does it work? Simple, fill out a simple one page Strategic Partner Agreement to get started.

Then when the opportunity arises, provide us with a lead by registering your client with our office and we’ll assign one of our salespeople to the lead. When and if, we close the deal you will receive a 3% commission based on the net sale of the project. This check will be sent at the time of Lake Shore Sport Court receiving final payment. Our mission through all of this is to serve you and your customer as seamlessly as possible.

We look forward to working with you!