Golf Surfaces

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No putt-putt playing with windmills and clowns here–Sport Court helps you perfect your stroke with Tour-quality putting greens. Create a copy of your favorite green right in your own backyard and watch your scoring improve.

  • We use only the thickest, tightest turf for authentic ball roll and response
  • Virtually no maintenance required
  • Color-fast, won’t fade, an attractive complement to any backyard


Birdie is an excellent choice for the backyard putting green, delivering a quality ball roll and break at an affordable price. With 48 oz. of tufted nylon per square yard, your Birdie green will deliver years of quality play. Download Sales Sheet


Eagle is our premium golf green product, with the thickest weave of knitted nylon per square yard available in the industry. Its natural green color makes it an attractive complement to any yard, and the density of the fibers delivers consistent ball roll that will last for years. Download Sales Sheet


Our Par turf is a great choice for the recreational backyard green, featuring a thick weave and foam pad for a real-grass feel. Perfect for beginners learning the game, Par turf is a durable and attractive addition to any backyard. Download Sales Sheet


Surround your green with lush fringe turf for a real-grass look and feel that gives you an optimal place to practice short chip shots. Tufted nylon with a reinforced root zone let the “blades” stand up to continuous use without losing the realistic look. Download Sales Sheet